Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Can we talk?

Yes, I find that it's time to come back. At least for a little while because what the hell?!?

We here at 'Petras Palace find that the world seems to have gone to hell in a hand bag basket. First we lost our beloved Joan Rivers and now Award The Red Carpet season has begun and what the all kinds of hell is going on.

First let us touch upon the passing of our Joan. That was tragic, she's truly missed - especially these days but she was old and she went as I'm sure would have wanted. Maybe she'd have preferred a Lanvin dressing gown but not even the rich and fabulous can have everything. Rest in peace Joan.

Now, can we talk?!? The red carpet season is well and truly upon us with first the Golden Globes and then the SAG Awards. I'm sorry, did you watch the Golden Globes?!? This is supposedly about the second most prestigious award ceremony in Hollywood after the Oscars coming up later this month. Then, can you explain why the red carpet looked like the Special Olympics of fashion and style. At first I couldn't believe my eyes and was crying with laughter until I realised they were serious. That's when the laughter stopped and the tears came down harder. I haven't clutched my pearls that hard since Celine Dion showed up at the Oscars wearing a cream tuxedo backwards. But why am I only telling you when I could show you.

Aren't they horrific. The worst ones are the two on the right. Lana Del Rey in the mint green atrocity is looking a little too much like thank you very much for the country music award with the hair and I have no words about the dress. There's nothing good about it. Eurgh!

The worst offender of the night knight hah! was Kiera Knightley on the far right, and let's examine that a little closer.

As you can see on the photo on the left, the dress that our dear overrated and overused actress Kiera Knightley is wearing is Chanel Couture from their pre-fall 2015 collection. They customised it especially for her, taking off the sleeves and made it longer to give it a younger and more modern red carpet look but let's be honest, it looks like a big mess anyway. Kiera Knightley is pregnant and if that's what the good people at Chanel wanted to hide they did a semi good job. It's not about her tummy but about that butterfly nightgown look and the ruffles. No, just no. I think it's time for her to reconsider her long time commitment and good relationship with Chanel because clearly they have it in for her.

Last but not least let's peruse the Golden Globes that seemed to be up for grabs so to speak on the night.


  1. Well Hello there darling... Nice to see that you have decided to make a grand entrance back into the world of blogging. Has it really been so long?
    You have been missed

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  3. Time flies when one is having fun, darling.

    Thank you, and I've missed you. I thought things would be easier when I finally joined the 21st century with an iPad but making this post caused many technically related tears. Apple clearly hates Blogger

  4. 'Petra, dear! Lovely to see you- or, at least, hear from you.

    I must agree: those are some frightful frocks. Personally, I think the worst offender is that red monstrosity in the middle. That pose combined with the ghastly gown makes whoever it is (I really have no idea - I'm terrible with celebs these days) look like she raided her mum's wardrobe and now needs the loo. Is it supposed to look like that? What are those odd hip patches? Lana looks positively normal in comparison!

  5. IDV, it's lovely to be here.

    Apparently her name is Lena Dunham. We think the idea was to create the illusion of a waist but it just completely backfired. Personally we hate her visible tattoo just as much