Sunday, 22 February 2015

Oscar red carpet warmup

We are gearing up for the biggest red carpet event of the year.

Have a fabulous evening my pretties.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Can we talk?

Yes, I find that it's time to come back. At least for a little while because what the hell?!?

We here at 'Petras Palace find that the world seems to have gone to hell in a hand bag basket. First we lost our beloved Joan Rivers and now Award The Red Carpet season has begun and what the all kinds of hell is going on.

First let us touch upon the passing of our Joan. That was tragic, she's truly missed - especially these days but she was old and she went as I'm sure would have wanted. Maybe she'd have preferred a Lanvin dressing gown but not even the rich and fabulous can have everything. Rest in peace Joan.

Now, can we talk?!? The red carpet season is well and truly upon us with first the Golden Globes and then the SAG Awards. I'm sorry, did you watch the Golden Globes?!? This is supposedly about the second most prestigious award ceremony in Hollywood after the Oscars coming up later this month. Then, can you explain why the red carpet looked like the Special Olympics of fashion and style. At first I couldn't believe my eyes and was crying with laughter until I realised they were serious. That's when the laughter stopped and the tears came down harder. I haven't clutched my pearls that hard since Celine Dion showed up at the Oscars wearing a cream tuxedo backwards. But why am I only telling you when I could show you.

Aren't they horrific. The worst ones are the two on the right. Lana Del Rey in the mint green atrocity is looking a little too much like thank you very much for the country music award with the hair and I have no words about the dress. There's nothing good about it. Eurgh!

The worst offender of the night knight hah! was Kiera Knightley on the far right, and let's examine that a little closer.

As you can see on the photo on the left, the dress that our dear overrated and overused actress Kiera Knightley is wearing is Chanel Couture from their pre-fall 2015 collection. They customised it especially for her, taking off the sleeves and made it longer to give it a younger and more modern red carpet look but let's be honest, it looks like a big mess anyway. Kiera Knightley is pregnant and if that's what the good people at Chanel wanted to hide they did a semi good job. It's not about her tummy but about that butterfly nightgown look and the ruffles. No, just no. I think it's time for her to reconsider her long time commitment and good relationship with Chanel because clearly they have it in for her.

Last but not least let's peruse the Golden Globes that seemed to be up for grabs so to speak on the night.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Oscar 2013: Red Carpet

We seem to have skipped a year but here we are...again! It is that time of the year and as you can see we cracked open the pink Möet & Chardon and were at the ready for another year.

 photo CE1F65F6-887F-4DD7-87A2-E3BC6F082922-2732-000002D70463122F_zps562f41ef.jpg

We made our notes. Some were a little meh, and others were wrong, so very wrong but that's how first impressions are. That combined with awful coverage of the red carpet event. Both on and the official ABC coverage that we get in Denmark. No one knew who anyone was wearing and that's quite frustrating when you want to let your public know the actual facts rather than come up with somewhat half-arsed guesses.

 photo 90036227-F0A8-4C79-BCC6-68D20EF39C8E-2732-000002D74DC6DEA9_zpsf2715b66.jpg

Before we get to it, let's hear it for Wolfgang Puck and his gorgeous assistant in the cap food. He knows how to please a theater filled with starving starlets and actresses. While there are no rumours of any food related bitchfights, the ladies loos did overflow apparently, with soiled water but it's unclear if that's food related.

 photo wolfgangPuck_zps540704a8.jpg

The run through today is in no particular order and like in 2011 we've decided to surprise you as you scroll down, never knowing if you'll find Bjork or Celine Dingdong or other hideousness next. It's all about the surprises and mystery here at 'Petras Palace. We like that.

 photo FatimaPtacek_zpsebc92219.jpg

First up was Fatima Ptacek. She's wearing a sort of tiered tuille dress with a lace top. Not at all age appropriate and I'm sad to say it makes her look like a loo brush. That said, if you look at her from the neck up, she looks really pretty. Great hair, makeup is fresh and the ear rings are spot on.

 photo FanBingbingMarchesa_zps14bb1d14.jpg

I'm only really bringing up Fan Bingbing up because I LOVE HER NAME! How can you not love someone whose name is Fan Bingbing. Of course she looks fabulous in this pink Marchesa gown. Hair, makeup jewellery, skintone and dress goes perfectly together. The purse is irrelevant.

 photo EmanuelleRiva_zps0b70655f.jpg

Emanuelle Riva may look a bit like the crypt keeper but for someone who was born in 1927 she looks quite well and the dress is very dignified. She is the female lead in the Austrian Oscar winning movie (best foreign film) Amour and they showed some old dude smack her over the head in the introduction as she was lying there defenceless in bed. I felt sorry for her, and it has given me a bizzarre curiosity to watch the movie now.

 photo HalleBerry-Versace_zps8d96b75a.jpg

I don't think I've every really scolded Halle Berry for wearing something ugly. She looks simply stunning in this Bondesque Versace dress. Apparently it was created especially for Halle for this event by Donatella Versace herself which is just as well, as the Versace collection of recently was pretty hideous. As I've not checked the collection out myself, I'm taking the word of someone who was at the show. I guess my personal invitation from Donatella Versace got lost in the mail.

 photo JackiWeaver_zps893e356f.jpg

We adore Jacki Weaver, we really do but I think her outfits are usually very hit or miss. Mostly miss. In the past Jacki has worn Australian designer Collette Dinnigan and I see no reason why this couldn't be such a design. To me though, it seems like she really liked the top and needed a skirt so she took her silk sheet and wrapped it around her. However credit where credit is due, she has secured her bingowings and wears beautiful jewellery.

 photo JaneFonda-Versace_zpsae58add2.jpg

I have always said that I hate yellow dresses and I really do. However seeing Jane Fonda in this bright yellow Versace dress with shoulder pads we have to accept the fact that this is fabulous! Combined with the gold shoes and clutch it's how it's done. She doesn't look a day over 40 so she can thank her plastic surgeon L'oreal and their cremes.

 photo CharlizeTheron-DiorHauteCouture_zpsf5863427.jpg

Charlize Theron in a white Dior Haute Couture dress. I find it to be a bit too Hollywood bridal and the only thing that saves it is her short hair. The Brigitte Nielsen crop makes it edgier but I'm not keen on white dresses on the red carpet. I hope she didn't have to go to the loo during the show.

 photo HelenaBonham-Carter-VivienneWestwood_zps022504b0.jpg

Witchy Helena Bonham-Carter is usually not on the best dressed list. Usually she looks very witchy but today not so much. She's been seen in a lot worse than this Vivienne Westwood dress. The dress is a little curtainesque/mosquitonetesque but good for her. She looks happy.

 photo HelenHunt-HM_zpseb95af8b.jpg

Helen Hunt wearing a blue H&M Global Initiative dress that looks like something I could have made in school. Maybe she wanted to signal that anyone could look like her, and while I wouldn't really want that to happen clotheswise at least, and that the ensemble would be affordable. So let's forget the fact that she was wearing $700,000 worth of diamonds. Bless.

 photo GiulianaRancic-RafaelCennamo_zps526c0322.jpg

Giuliana Rancic chopped off part of her long locks and donned this black Rafael Cennamo dress. I feel like we've seen this before, and not just because the top part looks like a dirty napkin. Now we could talk about the unflattering thing going on in her crotchal area but I can't help lookng at her arm and wrist. Christ she's skinny! I do hope she's not had a relapse.

 photo AmandaSeyfriedMcQueen_zpsa2a147c3.jpg

Amanda Seyfried wearing Alexander McQueen. At first glance I couldn't make up my mind about it but now I really like the dress. Not keen on the hair though and maybe this dress wasn't the right one for her because of the armpit wrinkle fat which is cruel to talk about but it's just there. LOOK!

 photo CathrineZeta-Jones-ZuhairMurad_zps694828ed.jpg

Cathrine Zeta-Jones has made one too many trips to the plastic surgeon and on her way home she picked up this dated gold Zuhair Murad gown. I really don't think it works on her, and my first thought was No, no, no! PS hate the ear rings.

 photo AnneHathaway-Prada_zps1a5f83bf.jpg

I love Anne Hathaway, she's the toast of Hollywood and she's usually impeccably dressed. There are so many people loving this look however all I see is a scrawny girl in a pale pink Prada dress with bows on the back and has side fat, armpit fat and what looks like bionic nipples. Anne Hathaway however is a lovely, a bit too skinny girl with fabulous hair, a fantastic smile and great jewellery. Bless. Congratulations on the award, you talented actress you.

 photo AmyAdams-oscardelarenta_zps9a090ca4.jpg

Another fantastic actress Amy Adams in a pale blue Oscar de la Renta gown. I do really like this one however I feel like I've seen this one before by multiple designers including Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel on Penelope Cruz and there was the Horseface Sarah Jessica Parker dress a few years ago at the same event. It doesn't change the fact that she looks great.

 photo Adele-jennypackham_zpsa6806773.jpg

Let's be honest. It's not an easy job for a designer to dress the likes of Adele. Of course Jenny Packham did a fine job. Adele has been pulled, squeezed, locked and loaded to an inch of her life. Very flattering but I'm not keen on the beehive and the dragqueen makeup. It looked a lot worse during her performance of Skyfall.

 photo Merylstreep_zps0eaee02e.jpg

Meryl Streep in a dress that looks like one she's worn before. I don't have much to say about it as it's not all that flattering but it's Meryl Streep so I'll allow it.

 photo KellyRowland-DonnaKaranAtelier_zps4bf60ee2.jpg

Kelly Rowland looking fabulous in Donna Karen Atelier but as much as I like it, it looks like something I've seen before. Also I hate the bangs, HATE.

 photo KeriWashington-miumiu_zps85f029cd.jpg

Keri Washington clashing with the burgundy carpet in this Miu Miu dress and red bag. I think the dress is beautiful but it's an unfortunate colour combination and whenever she speaks she sounds like the coldest and least empathic person on earth. She looks lovely though.

 photo KristinChenoweth-TonyWardCouture_zpsbe43defb.jpg

There's nothing to say except here is Kristin Chenoweth looking gorgeous in Tony Ward Couture.

 photo LucyAlibar_zps2d3b8000.jpg

This is Lucy Alibar white dress. It looks a little bit like my grandmothers white net curtain has been attached to a white dress. Not in the bad way mind.

 photo KellyOsbourne-TonyWardCouture_zps453354a9.jpg

I've been feeling a bit on and off about Kelly Osbournes hair colour. I really didn't get it but now I do. She looks great in this Tony Ward Couture dress. Kelly looks comfortable and radiant and my god she's come a long way since her chunky teen days. There's only one thing that could make this look any better was if she'd worked on toning her arms. Maybe next year.

 photo MarciaGayHarden-DavidMeister_zpsf0674594.jpg

Marcia Gay Harden looks like she's about to pee herself in a red David Meister dress. I don't have a lot of issues with it. In fact if it weren't for the sleeves which I hate with a passion, it would have been a good look. I realise there's a reason for the sleeves, which is hiding the bingowings but they should have been different.

 photo KristinStewart-ReemAcra_zpsa0ffd3ba.jpg

Kristin Stewart looking surly in this Reem Acra atrocity. I've got one thing written down about it in my notes "Good god no!"

 photo JenniferAniston-Valentino_zps5c90f7cd.jpg

Jennifer Aniston in a red Valentino creation. Unlike Marcia Gay Harden who looked like she was about to pee herself, it looks like Jennifer is letting one go under there and no ones the wiser. Apparently the took off a lot of fabric but my point is that she could still hide a village under there. At least she's the only place she can get away with it. Here and in Gone With The Wind, Miss Aniston.

 photo JennaDewan-Tatum-RachelRoy_zps4c2e3333.jpg

A pregnant Jenna Dewan-Tatum in a lace Rachel Roy doily dress. I think we saw this on Russell Blands mother a few years ago but Jenna looks a lot better in it. As much as the hair is a little dated it still looks good.

 photo MariaMenounos-RomonaKeveza_zps7cee1daf.jpg

Maria Menounos clashing with the carpet in a pink Romona Keveza dress looking a little like the missing member of Girls Aloud. Apart from the hair, this is a good look. The bag is fab.

 photo JenniferGarner-Gucci_zpsa3998000.jpg

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. They look very happy together. Jennifer is wearing an eggplant Gucci dress, and I'm thinking how does she sit down in that dress? With all that detail at the back it would be a nightmare. Notice the armpit wrinkle fat. Cruel but true.

 photo JenniferHudson-RobertoCavalliCouture_zps031f6bb3.jpg

Jennifer Hudson wearing this lovely Roberto Cavalli Couture dress. She looks a lot better than back in 2011 when she wore that orange atrocity and she seems to have gotten her groove back even if she's still one of the other skinny bitches. I hate the hair. The bangs and the hairstyle and the length of it. Sad.

 photo JenniferLawrence-DiorHauteCouture_zpsd225c67a.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence i a white Dior Haute Couture gown. My notes say "bridal" and to be honest I think this belongs on top of a wedding cake rather than on the red carpet at the Oscars. It's a beautiful dress though and she's pretty.

 photo JessicaChastain-ArmaniPrive_zps268ad45c.jpg

This is Jessica Chastain in what appears to be a see-through Armani Privé. She's pretty but I am hypnotised by what appears to be her undergarments. Bless.

 photo MelissaMcCarthy-DavidMeisterSignature_zpsd3c97abf.jpg

It's not easy to dress Melissa McCarthy. She's a fabulous and I still remember her as Sookie on Gilmore Girls but this David Meister dress is not flattering in any way (except hiding her hams) and the backcombing is ridiculous. I like the purse though and the cheeky crystal embellishments on the shoulder. Bless.

 photo ReeseWitherspoon-LouisVuitton_zpsc6c12606.jpg

Reese Witherspoon is looking very Botoxy in this blue Louis Vuitton dress. It's all about the fit and looking at her in profile it looks like she's about 10 weeks pregnant. It's such a snooze. It's like she took her usual Armani dress and brought it to Louis Vuitton and said "I'd like this in blue".

 photo QuvenzhaneWallis-ArmaniJunior_zps35eb14b5.jpg

This 9 year old girl is Quvenzhane Wallis and she's wearing a blue Armani Junior princess dress, sparkly ballet slippers and the most fabulous puppy purse ever. To be honest I'm not keen on the dress but the purse, hair and hair band are fantastic. Adorable.

 photo QueenLatifah-BadgleyMischka_zps196f4f6c.jpg

Queen Latifah is wearing a white Badgley Mischka dress. I don't like the colour on her and I wish they'd given her a shawl of some kind to hide her upper arms.

 photo ReneeZellweger-CarolinaHerrera_zpscedbf4d4.jpg

Renee Zellwegger is wearing a silver Carolina Herrera dress. This dress is all about the fit, and it's a great fit for her.

 photo RobinRoberts-MarcBouwer_zps42f4abe4.jpg

Robin Roberts is wearing a blue velvet Marc Bouwer dress. In any other fabric I might have liked it but I am not feelig the velvet.

 photo SalmaHayek-AlexanderMcQueen_zpsd6077edc.jpg

Salma Hayek is wearing an Alexander McQueen. It's a gorgeous dress but it requires someone with a very long neck, and that Salma Hayek does not have. Pity. I like the hair and that I didn't have to listen to her talk.

 photo SallyField-valentino_zpsf5e6ce5c.jpg

Sally Field is wearing a red dress by Valentino. It seems that's all he does. There's so much fabric here it looks like she's hiding Melissa McCarthy under there. With a lot of editing it would look stunning on her. I'd like to see Melissa McCarthy in a variation of this.

 photo SamanthaBarks-Valentino_zpsd828a181.jpg

Samantha Barks in a black Valentino - how novel. The plunging neckline is very inappropriate for the Oscars but otherwise young and fresh look for her.

 photo NancyODell1_zpsbc7a01ae.jpg

Nancy O'Dell in this blue number. No, just no. The shoes are lovely though.

 photo NaomieHarris_zps0eeb5d48.jpg

Naomie Harris in this gold number. All I can think is Koochicoo and let's leave it at that.

 photo NicoleKidman-LWrenScott_zps24a9851d.jpg

Nicole Kidman in this black and gold sequinned L'Wren Scott. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. She used to dress so well, and now she's taking ideas from her husband. In 2011 we saw her in a crystal embroided napkin and now this. The madam hair seems to have caught on as well. I hope she'll realise her mistakes before it's too late. Bring back the red ketchup bottle bow dress from Balmain!

 photo OctaviaSpencer-TadashiShoji_zpsc68b1e68.jpg

Spencer Octavia looking stunning in this Tadashi Shoji dress. I just wish both upper arms were completely covered by the tuille.

 photo NorahJones-TadashiShoji_zpsb44d6526.jpg

Norah Jones also in Tadashi Shoji. It's all about the fit. Fit, fit, fit because it's a gorgeous dress. The crotchal area is looking a little odd and needs fixing. Love the hair.

 photo Noideawhothisis_zpsa1010643.jpg

I don't want ot incite a riot so I wont reveal the identities of these two, but all I can say is, this sort of tribal cray cray has no place on the Oscar red carpet. There, I was culturally insensitve. Deal with it.

 photo ZoeSaldana-AlexisMabilleCouture_zps29b65133.jpg

Zoë Saldana is wearing this Alexis Mabille Couture dress. I'm not crazy about the belt, the bow or the shoes. It's all about editing here. Otherwise she'd look stunning.

 photo SofiaAlves_zps38d1009b.jpg

Sofia Alves thinking she's going to the Nicolodeon awards or something. No, really no.

 photo StacyKeibler-NaeemKhan_zpsdac02fe0.jpg

Stacy Keibler is back to being George Clooneys Oscar date. She's wearing this Naeem Kahn dress. I'm not crazy about the top but otherwise I'm finding this an interesting dress.

 photo ShirleyBassey_zpsa167a6d4.jpg

Dame Shirley Bassey looking fantastic in black. She doesn't look a day over 50.

 photo SandraBullock-ElieSaab_zpsfc6f2d71.jpg

Sandra Bullock looking fantastic in Elie Saab. Hate the purse though.

 photo GeorgeClooney-GiorgioArmani_zps18f6e3ce.jpg

George Clooney my future husband in Giorgio Armani with his beard Oscar date Stacy Keibler.

 photo HughJackman-TomFord_zps92f54bcd.jpg

Hugh Jackman and his mother Linda Evans wife. Hugh is wearing Tom Ford. I love how his mother Linda Evans wife is also wearing a suit and looking very comfortable

 photo JosephGordon-Levitt_zps0bd207fe.jpg

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is wearing the wrong jacket. Bad Joseph, bad!

 photo DwightHenry_zps94647dcc.jpg

Dwight Henry is looking a little Vegas with that sparkly vest, but the shoes are spot on.

 photo JeremyRenner-Givenchy_zps8497d6fa.jpg

Jeremy Renner is looking very dapper in Givenchy. Any man who wears Givenchy is a-okay in my book!

 photo ChrisTucker_zpse265636d.jpg

Chris Tucker needs a new bow tie. It looks like a dead moth.

 photo AngLee_zps39c61d6b.jpg

Ang Lee and his future wife. Nice to see another woman wearing a suit. Not that I want everyone to do that. Not at all, but one or two is fine.

 photo BradleyCooper_zps6face246.jpg

Bradley Cooper looking very dapper with his mother. His mother is apparently wearing trainers and skinned a Fraggle before hitting the carpet.

 photo DanielRadcliffe-Prada_zps7d205049.jpg

Daniel Radcliff looking very dapper in Prada.

 photo NaomiWatts-ArmaniPrive_zpsae51d23c.jpg

There's been a lot of talk about Naomi Watts in this silver Armani Privé. Everyone is going crazy about it. I must admit I don't like the top half, but other than that it's very nice. Her hair is a little sloppy.

 photo OliviaMunn-Marchesa_zpsdbefbf79.jpg

Olivia Munn in this red Marchesa. Very pretty indeed but the pearl bracelet just looks ridiculous.

 photo Seth_zpsca39e8aa.jpg

The host Seth McFarlane of Family Guy and Ted fame hosted the awards and while I can't tell you if the suit shown above is Gucci I can tell you that he wore Gucci on the evening. I think he looks very dashing.

 photo Oscar_zpsc09318ef.jpg

Best dressed of the evening this year was definitely Oscar himself though. Classic and fitted to perfection.

 photo amy-adams-oscars-2013_zps172f7e58.jpg

To finish this rather long post off, you get this photo of Amy Adams posing for the cameras. Now please, if you feel up for it, then pick a photo and either caption it, describe the outfit or comment on the situation. I think it would be fun for me.

Although this is hard work, I expect to do it all again next year.